ZE GN VOL 11 (OF 11) (A)

ZE GN VOL 11 (OF 11) (A)

previews USA maggio 2024
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Waki has been infatuated with Magane ever since laying eyes on him. Even after sleeping with Magane, Waki can't help but feel conflicted whenever he sees Rikiichi. Between Rikiichi, the man whom he decided to follow and support or Magane whom he loves, Waki starts to hesitate. Will Waki ever be able to truly have Magane's heart? Or will their love disappear into an illusion of petals before fruition? It was then that two brothers appear, forever changing the paradise on Earth... The final volume and conclusion to Yuki Shimizu's popular supernatural series, ZE a story about loyalty, fate, and bonds.

ZE GN VOL 08 (OF 11) (A)

Now that Kotoha has been made head of household, noble Konoe must guide his young charge and help him use his remarkable powers wisely. But when friendship blossoms into undeniable love, will this pair persuade a dynasty that they can live on their own terms? Ze unites innocence and romance in an alchemical blend of magical passion! If you know your most special gift can only bring pain to the one closest to you, what will you sacrifice to make sure happiness reigns?

(W/A/CA) Yuki Shimizu